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GP Compact® Coreless 2 Ply Toilet Paper - 3.85" x 4.05"

GP Compact® Coreless 2 Ply Toilet Paper - 3.85" x 4.05"

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TSS Premier Platinum Maximum Durability Finish - 2.5 Gal.

A revolutionary multi-speed floor finish designed to provide wet-look gloss levels with diamond-tough durability. Formulated with advanced acrylic polymers and top quality bonding agents to go down easily and stand up to even the toughest scuffs, scratches, and heel marks. Perfect for high traffic areas that require ultra-gloss and high-speed floor burnishing. Features higher initial gloss levels and exceeds industry standards for slip resistance.


deb stoko® Refresh™ AntiBac FOAM Hand Wash - 1 L

Perfumed, frequent use antibacterial hand wash with Benzalkonium Chloride to cleanse the skin and kill bacterial. Added skin conditioners to improve hydration of skin. Use dispenser ANT1LDS.


Majestic® Carpet Extraction Cleaner - Gal.

A specially formulated high performance extraction that meets the highest standards in carpet extraction maintenance. Approximately 80% of all soils and greasy substances is caused by foot traffic and over half is of a greasy nature. Safe on all carpet fibers including wool. Does not contain any optical brighteners. This product is an extraction cleaner that cleans the carpet fibers more thoroughly than any product on the market today. This product is most effective on carpets that have been previously treated with a mill-applied fluorochemical stain-resistant treatment.


Majestic® Carpet Rinse & Neutralizer - Gal.

A specially formulated product with Advanced Gemini Surfactant Technology, used to rinse the carpet after extraction cleaning, shampooing, or bonnet buffing.


Rollpak Workhorse™ Liner - 43x48, Nat., 16 mic

Made with formulas using 100% high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene resins. Superior strength and load capacity. Excellent chemical resistance, temperature resistance and odor containment. Seamless tubular construction with leak-proof star seal. Natural manufactured using FDA-approved resins.


Tork® Universal Quality Matic® Hand Towel Roll

Offers the perfect combination of performance and value to control consumption. Developed for easy maintenance in high traffic washrooms. EcoLogo® and Green Seal™ Certified. EPA Compliant. 7.7" x 700'; Natural; H1 system.

$70.30/EACH 1/CASE